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New Site Work Log

As announced on the social network earlier today, a new site is in the works for the Para-Is-Normal Community. And as promised in the mass email that went out on Nov 18th, you can click the link below to find out why this is happening and what is going to happen...


Para-Is-Normal goes dot com


Con Trails or CHEM TRAILS?

Click here for full story...


U.F.O. Spotted in The Netherlands


YouTube plugin error


Hard to determine the validity of this video. It does strikingly appear to be off in the far distant sky.  Make your own decision as to whether or not it is a legitimate video. 


Amazing Ghost Photo Taken at a mine in AZ


I am not giving to many details at this time, because I am still attempting to make contact with the original owner of the photo. Here is the general story: A gentleman working at a local mine in AZ was at work early on the morning of Nov. 2nd. He was heading to his locker when he say a person standing off to the side. At first he thought nothing of it, as the person had on the typical protective poncho and breathing apperatus that all mine employees wear. Then he noticed the person was transparent, and he quickly grabbed his phone to take a picture.  He then sent the image to his mother. While telling a friend about the incident, the friend told him to text him the picture. This friend happened to work with my wife, who he then sent the picture to. She came home from school that night and showed me the picture. I was so excited that i had to post the pic! As of yet I do not have permission from the individual who took the original picture, as my wife is attempting to get such permission now. If we are denied permission I will promptly remove the image from all of our sites, but until then here is the picture that was taken, you decide if it is real or not!



Recent News of the Weird

Large Flying Creature  Medina River Texas  

Man in San Antonio Tx, wittnesses a large fliying creature whos wing span the man estimates at around 15 feet.


Numerous Mermaid Sightings Reported in Israel  Dozens of eye witness accounts of a half fish half human creture and a $1,000,000.00 reward for photographic or video proof!


Welcome to Para-Is-Normal Wiki 2.0

In our ever-growing attempt to provide the best possible web learning experience for you, our visitors and members, we have updated to a new wiki host. We will still, as always, provide the most complete and up to date information possible. As it will take some time to get all of our info transfered to this new host, our original site will remain online untill everything has been moved to this site. You can access the old site by clicking HERE. Thank you for your time and patients.


What has changed?

  • We will no longer be allowing regular members to edit pages. When doing so, we chance to much wrong information finding its way onto the site. This impares your ability to seek the truth, which is why you are here. Other than that, same great wiki, with a ton of new stuff!!!


What's new to PIN-Wiki?

  • coverage of vital Paranormal, Cryptozoological, Ufological, Archeological, and just plain weird information as you have become accustomed to. And also...
  • All new video archive section. (We will not be hosting the videos, but will host links to the videos) In our new TV Show and Documentary, you will find such great shows as U.F.O. Hunters, MonsterQuest, Destination Truth, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, as well as links to the famous radio talk show Coast to Coast Am!
  • PIN Publishing! That's right, we are about to start releasing books, written on various subjects of which we have knowledge. These books will be availible for purchase online, and will be shipped within 24 hours of purchase. Also there will be exerpts from every book, placed online for you to download in .pdf format, to see if you are interested before you buy. Also we will be putting together a series of children's books on these subjects as well. Imagine having a discussion about the Anunaki or Ancient Mayans with your 5 year old!


New and Improved Help!

  • A new email address is being added for you to contact to request information about subjects that are not yet on the site, which you would like to see added.
  • You can now find PIN on myspace!


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